Gilmore Girls: A possible result, what intrigues?

Cinema 28 November, 2016

The four episodes of Gilmore Girls Revival somewhat left us on our end … What could then be the intrigues for a new season?

gilmore-girls-revival-a-year-in-the-lifeIf like us you’ve eaten Gilmore Girls of the four episodes: A Year in the Life during the weekend, you now know the famous last four words with which Amy Sherman-Palladino has always wanted to finish his series. And if you have not watched the episodes, we advise you to read this article because obviously contains spoilers on episodes. If everyone was really eager to know these words, the general feeling in spring is frustration . Rory tells her mother, Lorelai, she is pregnant and then we stay with our questions and suspense surrounding this huge revelation. If for the moment neither Netflix nor the creators of the series, the Palladino not have spoken about the possibility of new episodes of Gilmore Girls , fans of the series do not require it. It is true that such an end, we all want to know more and see what kind of mother will be Rory.
Additional episodes would allow writers to further explore adult life Rory, which we have barely scratched the surface. It is the symbol of a generation that struggles to find his place despite the studies and diplomas, and it is a very interesting topic to follow . In addition, it finally seems to have found inspiration and among the fans did not want to know if the book is a success and please Lorelai? And of course, there is this baby thing, that one could forget. Who is the father? If we all think mainly it’s Logan saw how they parted and the conversation Rory had with his father, we would like to have the heart net. It would also be interesting to see how Lorelai will react to this, but Emily. Besides our dear Jess Mariano still seems to have feelings for Rory and it reminds us a diagram that we already know.
Moreover, it is not only the side of Rory that still has things to tell. If Lorelai finally marry Luke at the end of the “Autumn” , we would like to see how the couple’s life then evolves. Then Lorelai aims to enlarge the Dragonfly – which could prompt Michel to stay in Stars Hollow – so that would be a new professional adventure for her. Finally, the new episodes have once again placed at the center of the plot the tumultuous relationship between Lorelai and her mother Emily, and it would be interesting to see how the arrival of a new baby is going to change all this . Even if they are more or less reconciled in the last episode, there is still resentment and unspoken things and we must admit that we never get tired of the character of Emily Gilmore. You’ll understand that this is not the intrigues shortage of ideas for a possible sequel of Gilmore Girls and it is certain that Palladino know. Netflix is known for taking his time on such decisions, not counting Amy Sherman-Palladino is currently working on another series for Amazon. In fact, we just cross our fingers hoping that in a year – or more – we can return to Stars Hollow. What would you like to see in Gilmore Girls if there was a sequel?