Gilmore Girls: SPOILER pregnant, the promise of a sequel?

Cinema 27 November, 2016

This is the announcement of the pregnancy SPOILER that ended the series “A Year in the Life”, the revival season of Gilmore Girls. This good news does presage a sequel?
“I’m pregnant” , it is those three little words oh so evocative, that resulted the revival of Gilmore Girls, “A Year in Life” whose four episodes available on Netflix. So Notice to all those and all those who have not yet had time to look at these new episodes through the rest of this article is a bunch of spoilers! 32 years after his mother Rory (Alexis Bledel), single, expects a happy event that will take one. With his mother on welfare, but the father of the child! The big question posed by this great news is whether this pregnancy paves the way for a sequel? Will we, soon the pleasure of seeing on Netflix her belly round, discover Lorelai (Lauren Graham) become a grandmother and Emily (Kelly Bishop) back-grandmother? Well it seems that no … and yes a hope that collapses, it can hurt. Indeed and Amy Sherman-Palladino Daniel Palladino, designers, writers, filmmakers and turns of the series are not as optimistic as we mere spectators … “These words are for us the end of the original story” . Period ? It is probably too early for them to consider a sequel.
After these characters live for almost 17 years, hard to believe they do not already imagine how this child trudge in the Square of Stars Hollow … Perhaps they are waiting for the results of hearings on Netflix before launching in a new site. The other big question raised by this pregnancy is the identity of the baby’s father even though we all have our own ideas on the matter. There are two see three possibilities. The most unlikely, Paul , but the lovesick ghost Rory. It only appeared to demonstrate transparency. Paul is the man Rory forgot to leave for four episodes. They are so little seen that one can not imagine they have had time to conceive a child … Second option, the guy Rory met in a queue and with whom she spent only one night at the end of episode 2, “Spring” .
This part of legs in the air had no meaning for Rory, but it took place in late spring (April-May 2016) and could correspond to a pregnancy discovery early November, three months later. However, nobody wants that. Last option by far the “least worst” Logan Huntzburger (Matt Czuchry). If they have been lovers for years and truly love (sequence of the brigade A Life, to Death), Logan is not a heart to take. And yes, we learned Friday that he is engaged to a French heiress, Odette. In his defense, he turned down the part of Rory at the end of season 7 when he proposed to her. Rory finally reaped what it has sown … Neither more nor less. One thing is certain however, is that you may discover that 3 reasons to binge watcher Gilmore Girls on Netflix . And you want to see your child grow?