Gilmore Girls, Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead: The spoilers of the week

Cinema 26 November, 2016

Like every Saturday, it’s time for spoilers week. What happened in your favorite series? Discover all the juicy details!
If many series are in full winter break, it is not provided that it does not happen this week! Yes, the series with which we grew up marked his comeback. The revival of Gilmore Girls is now available on Netflix, and besides, here are 3 good reasons to binge watcher series every weekend. These four episodes are simply magical, realistic and moving . We were able to find Lorelai and Rory, finally ready to find happiness. However, the relationship between Emily and Lorelai is always complicated but the mother and daughter had to learn to live again after the death of Richard. The humor, joy and emotion were the party and make this a very successful result Revival. Feel free to watch it. As for the weekly series, there were also major developments. In episode 5 of season 7 of The Walking Dead, Maggie and Sasha took refuge at Hilltop , where Glenn and Abraham are buried. We learned that Maggie’s pregnancy was at risk and it reinforced the poignancy of the episode. In addition, the action was at the rendezvous and the revolt was put on at Hilltop . What will the next episode?
For its second episode of season 6 of Teen Wolf, the writers were strong. Scott and Lydia Malia tried to remember Stiles . The three friends soon realized he was missing someone their life. Moreover, without Stiles, Malia has gradually returned to his bad habits but the most touching rest Lydia who desperately sought the person she loved. But beware, this episode was also marked by the return of Claudia, the mother of Stiles , supposedly died several years ago. What happens there really? Will we know next Tuesday? Moving on to episode 6 of season 3 of The Virgin where Jane’s cousin Jane landed for better or for worse … It has created chaos in the lives of our favorite characters and Rafael seems to be under His charm. However, it has a bad influence on her cousin and Michael did not really appreciated. This brings fresh touch of spice to the series and a lot of complications! Changing universe with episode 9 of season 2 of Lucifer . Our King of Hell has finally understood he felt human feelings and he fell in love with Chloe. Moreover, his mother Charlotte is more determined than ever to leave Earth and take with her two son. Will it get there? Suspense …
Spoilers end our week with our favorite superheroes. In episode 7 of season 2 Supergirl, Kara faced Cyborg Superman . Our heroine is a party to the aid of Mon-El but was trapped and held captive at his side by CADMUS Project. This confinement has still been good since the two characters are close together. The romance will point the tip of his nose! Moreover, Kara had to manage Lilian Luthor who is determined to steal his blood for the Cyborg Superman usurps his identity in order to visit the Fortress of Solitude. Will it succeed? On the side of his friend, Barry Allen, The Flash had some difficulties. Caitlin turned into Killer Frost and nearly hurt his team . Fortunately, Barry was able to bring in the right way but it was tense. For its part, Wally became Kid Flash and will soon save his city with The Flash. The son of West should form an explosive duo. One thing for sure is that we expect this week to discover the crossover event between Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. We give you appointment next week for new spoilers! What episode was your favorite this week?