Gilmore Girls: The Revival finally available, what do the users?

Cinema 27 November, 2016

The four new episodes of Gilmore Girls are finally available on Netflix. But then, what do the users, successful or failed return?

gilmore-girls-revival-netflix-lorelai-emilyFriday, Netflix has offered fans of Gilmore Girls one of the greatest gifts by making available four new episodes in which we were able to find Lorelai, Rory and other iconic characters from Stars Hollow. Nostalgia, laughter, tears are in the program and it is a pleasure to plunge into this unusual and unique world of its kind. Of course, fans waited anxiously November 25 and most flocked to this episode did not hesitate to share their excitement on social networks. Besides, remember that you can find our first impressions of the Revival of Gilmore Girls guarantees without spoilers , melty on. But then, he has what Revival was a hit with fans? What did they think of the evolution of Lorelai and Rory? Or the last four words?
If Twitter is to be believed, this Revival is a real hit with fans of the series, which have in particular been delighted to find the characters, but especially the atmosphere that still manages to comfort us. However, if well one thing that stands out the reactions, it is the frustration at the end of the last episode and especially with these four famous last words! So is he announces an open end or that an inevitable result for the Gilmore Girls? For now, Netflix and actors remain silent, but on our side we can not help wanting more. Despite the shortcomings, we can say that Revival is truly successful, because he already has filled the fans, but also because everyone agrees that Netflix offers us new episodes. And if you have not watched the series, it’s never too late, by the way here’s three reasons to binge-watcher the Revival of Gilmore Girls , if you still need convincing avezc! What -you thought the Revival of Gilmore Girls?