Gilmore Girls: The Revival of the four episodes available on Netflix!

Cinema 25 November, 2016

Good news, Netflix comes to provide the Revival of Gilmore Girls!

gilmore-girls-revival-netflix-poster-hiverNo, you are not dreaming, the Gilmore Girls are well and truly back on Netflix this Friday, November 25th! After years of waiting, we will finally discover what happens to Lorelai, Rory is all other through four episodes , an hour and a half each, which are available at 9am this morning on the VOD platform, Netflix . For this occasion, Amy Sherman-Palladino has returned to the series of commands – to our delight – and we certainly offer an end worthy of the name when we finally discover the last four words with which she had planned to complete the show. In this Revival of Gilmore Girls , we will experience a year in the life of the characters, as each episode will be a season of the year starting with the winter, so to end the fall.
All actors – almost – of the original series we made the trip and it will be an opportunity to review all the colorful characters in Stars Hollow colors and dive back into this particular world and comforting. What job did Rory? Lorelai and Luke are they finally together? What happens Lane and Sookie? Emily how she saw the sudden death of her husband? These are questions that we can not wait to have answers, even if what we are looking forward to the most is to find the boisterous conversations between Lorelai and Rory, with references to pop culture every twenty seconds, over a cup of coffee and junk food. So what better weekend than slipping under his blanket with a hot drink to find Gilmore Girls? If you are not yet convinced, maybe the trailer for the Revival of Gilmore Girls, or the confessions of Lauren Graham , which you can find on melty, will do Will you watch the Revival?