Gilmore Girls: The spirit of Stars Hollow intact in a magical result, our first impressions!

Cinema 26 November, 2016

While the Revival of Gilmore Girls has just been unveiled on Netflix, discover our first impressions of a suite just magical!

netflix-gilmore-girls-revival-promo-teaserA dream come true! And yes meltynautes, he took magic for the Revival of Gilmore Girls can finally be realized. After an end of season 7 was somewhat frustrated that the most inveterate fans, Amy Sherman-Palladino returned in force to instill one last time the spirit of Stars Hollow on a community of faithful determined to know the famous words last four promised by the creative genius. While the editorial ‘of melty offered you three good reasons to binge watcher Gilmore Girls , back on four episodes full of charm just unveiled by Netflix . To those who angoissaient to the idea of not finding the spirit of Gilmore Girls, have no fear. The most talkative girls in the world have not changed an inch and the residents of Stars Hollow either. Kirk is still crazy, Patty and Babette still love gossip, Taylor is still authoritarian, Luke is still as grumpy and this is also how we love them. Between winter, spring, summer and fall, we follow a year in the life of those who had so much missed. And the first impression that emerges is that the Revival is very well done as if the story was written by herself in the head of Amy Sherman-Palladino . Clearly, she knew where she was going and the strengths and weaknesses of each were superbly represented. Indeed, Lorelai and Rory still have the same problems but seem determined to move forward and finally reach the stage which will lead them to happiness.
If you are fans of the series since its inception, it is almost impossible not to be moved as the nostalgia and winks are waiting for you. Everything is carefully written to dive back happily in the small details that make Gilmore Girls, a series jovial, bright, generous and moving . The relationship between Lorelai and Emily is still complicated but it never seemed more authentic. With the death of Richard and all that that implies, it is a new chapter that must write the daughters of the family. And if our favorite Emily first struggles to recover, we loved the view fight to regain control of his life. In the end, despite the difficulties that will mark forever his relationship with his daughter, perhaps is it finally time for them to forgive. For its part, Rory offers us beautiful moments and seems to thrive backwards as if his professional woes allowed him to discover itself. A realistic picture of what may be the obstacles through which young people after graduation. Still as endearing the young woman matures and we like to see confront the three men in her life during the four episodes. We note especially the scene she shares with Dean, moving and bittersweet devilishly.
Moreover, how not to be met by finding all our favorite characters together? Not one is missing and after nine years of absence, it was a real salvation to see them all one last time. However, we regret that some plots are somewhat short shrift. Indeed, the producers and writers did not have much time and they were a bit messy sometimes to the point of losing ourselves a spatio-temporal point of view. Similarly, we wanted to know what had happened during that time. It’s a bit strange to hide certain events that took place in the last episode of Season 7. Finally, we’re a little confused by the last four words of the series that definitely leaves an open door and we leave you discover. Anyway, the most hardcore fans should love the Revival as it is true to what made the magic of Gilmore . Well-crafted, engaging and melancholy to perfection, this suite has something to cry in the cottages but do not panic! It is also the cheerful cocktail and joy that we have always known. Long live the Gilmore! Pending more information, see now the four episodes of Gilmore Girls already Revival and already available on Netflix. And you, what did you think of the Revival?