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Entertainment 23 January, 2018

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The wardrobe of Kate Middleton does it have a link with the sex of her future child ? According to her outfits, the audience free rein to speculation about the Royal Baby n°3.

In the spring, they will be five. Kate Middleton and prince William revealed a few months ago already, they are expecting their third child, which should arrive a few weeks before the wedding of prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The princess Charlotte and prince George will have to welcome a new member in their small family. Girl or boy ? Little brother or little sister ? This is the question that everyone asks.

Result ? For the general public to speculate on the sex of the child. In particular, depending on the outfits of the mom-to-be. A coat of pink ? It’s a girl ! A blue dress ? Of course, it’s a boy. Each choice of dress, which shows one of the colours that are traditionally associated with the sex of a baby is scrutinized, dissected. And while Kate Middleton has just invested in a new maternity dress, signed Seraphine, it does not allow to filter index, since it carries both one or the other color.

For its first two pregnancies, Kate Middleton and prince William had made the choice not to reveal the sex of their future baby, preferring to reveal it at the time of birth, at the same time as the first name of the baby. This third pregnancy was no exception, and to learn more about the Royal Baby number 3, it will be necessary to have patience… Even if we already know that Kate Middleton’s account shake things up a bit for his birth. In the meantime, with the bookmakers, bets are open about not only the gender but also the name. Alice and Victoria are the most popular for a girl and for a boy, Arthur and Henry lead the race in the lead.

Photo credits : Dominic Lipinksi/PA Photos/ABACA

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