Girl or boy : to know or not ?

Health 11 December, 2017


Published the 11.12.2017 at 17h39


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To know or be surprised. When a child is about to be born, the parents have the choice of knowing or not her sex. According to a study by the national Institute of demographic studies, 85 % of parents prefer to know the sex of their baby. The work was carried out by the researcher Olivia Samuel in the framework of a work called ” The parents they prefer to have a girl or a boy ? “. The author outlines several reasons for the desire to learn parents : give a sexual identity to the fetus, projecting into the future, decorate the room, whether his wish will be realized…

A choice sexual

Beyond the expectation of the parents concerning the sex of the child, the author was also interested in their preferences. In men as in women, the indifference prevails. For those who show a preference, a sense of solidarity of gender appears. In fact, for women, 25 % of them opt for a girl compared to 20% for a boy. On the other hand, they are 23 % for men to prefer to give birth to a baby. The sex of the parent is not everything : the more parents are graduates, the more they yearn to have a girl. Different criteria – social, sociological or cultural – that govern the preference or absence of preference of the prospective parents.

One constant : no matter pink or blue, in general, the joy fills the waiting.