Glyphosate : a petition request to Nicolas Hulot to decide

Health 22 August, 2017

Sarah Alcalay/SIPA

Published the 21.08.2017 at 12h16


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But what is the strategy Nicolas Hulot continues there to the European Commission ? The environmental associations are unaware of this and worry. Already, on the endless folder of endocrine disrupters, the minister of the Transition Ecologique et Solidaire ” has frankly amazed when he supported and applauded to the definition adopted by the european authorities. A definition dictated by lobbies, have accused the defenders of health and of the environment. You would have thought Nicolas Hulot more stubborn.

This time, it is another appointment as it prepares to the Commission. It is a question of glyphosate, whose authorization expires by the end of the year. The member States must decide on the possible re-registration of a pesticide, the most sold in the world. The folder explosive does not cease to be adjourned to Brussels, in default of agreement between the States.

“Why this silence ?”

France, in particular, is stepped up to the plate to oppose a renewal of the authorization of the pesticide, classified as probably carcinogenic by the IARC (international agency for research on cancer).
While the country ” was until now clearly positioned itself against the re-licensing (…), the new French government has still not made its position known ! Why this silence ? France is in process of change of opinion a few weeks of a crucial decision ? “asked the Future Generations in a press release.

The NGO has launched a petition to ask Nicolas Hulot position ” clearly and without delay against the re-licensing of this molecule, as had been done by the previous government “. In a few days, the initiative has collected
12 000 signatures.

The member States will have to decide again, in a few weeks, on the proposal of re-registration of glyphosate. The european agencies deny the toxicity of the substance. In the United States, where farmers have filed a complaint against Monsanto, maker of glyphosate, transfers, internal have been disclosed. They teach that the leaders of Monsanto is alarmaient since 1999 on the toxicity of glyphosate, and have tried since to conceal it.