Godzilla 2: Another actor from Stranger Things joins the casting

Cinema 26 May, 2017

The cast of Godzilla 2 is expanding today with the arrival of another actor in the Stranger Things series, which thus joins Millie Bobby Brown, also to the distribution of the film.
After that of the superheroes, here comes the time of the extended universe of the kaiju and other big beasts with hair and scales! Since the release of the Godzilla from Gareth Edwards in 2014, Warner Bros quietly but surely builds his small world where the gigantic monsters can cross and, incidentally, sow chaos in their passage. So, this year, the ambitious and spectacular Kong – Skull Island has landed with great fanfare in our cinemas. But it was also to prepare us for the return of Godzilla, which will therefore reappear in the well-named Godzilla: King of Monsters , which will be directed by Michael Dougherty ( Krampus ). And it is besides of the director that we come the new update on the film concerning the casting. Because yes, the meltynauts, the distribution of Godzilla 2 grows with the coming of an actor that Netflix fans will recognize quite easily since it is Randy Havens , aka Professor Clarke of Stranger Things !
He will find the young actress Millie Bobby Brown, Eleven in the Netflix series, as well as Charles Dance, the cult actor of Game of Thrones who also recently joined the cast of Godzilla 2 . As for what role Randy Havens will play in the film, we can already get an idea. Michael Dougherty , who also writes the script for this new production, has indeed teased that the actor could interpret a member of the secret organization Monarch , charged with investigating and observing creatures like Kong and Godzilla . So Randy Havens’ character is likely to interact with Ken Watanabe, who is also back in Godzilla 2 . It remains to be seen therefore if he will be as connected science and as fun as the one he incarnates in Stranger Things ! What do you hope to see in the film?