Gold melted, cut diamonds … What happened to the stolen jewelry of Kim Kardashian?

Entertainment 18 January, 2017

As the investigation progresses following his robbery in Paris, the chances for Kim Kardashian to revisit his jewelry and more specifically his engagement ring are dwindling. They have certainly been reshaped before being sold by receivers.

Assaulted and robbed in Paris on the night of 2 October by five armed men disguised as policemen, Kim Kardashian lost jewelery worth a total of nearly 10 million. Stolen goods include a 20-carat diamond ring signed by the American jeweler Lorraine Schwartz. A gift from her husband Kanye West worth 4 million euros.
The investigation has progressed well and six suspects have been indicted. The police still hoped to get their hands on the stolen jewelry, but it would seem to be a utopia. This morning BMF TV revealed that the jewelery had been torn to pieces. The gold would have been melted and the diamonds reshaped to try to remove their markings. Gemstones can be traced through unique laser engraved identification numbers. To get rid of them, the thieves should have cut them. Sometimes it is necessary to re-cut the stones in order to confuse the tracks.
The famous engagement ring Kardashian, who toured the social networks, so has probably been modified and sold in Belgium by receivers. The investigation found that two of the alleged receivers went to Antwerp to see diamond merchants only a few days after the robbery.