Gotham Season 3: Episode 10, Nygma retaliates in the promo video and the synopsis!

Cinema 16 November, 2016

Next week, FOX will broadcast episode 10 of season 3 of Gotham, which is revealed through its synopsis and first promo video!

gotham-saison-3-poster-affiche-perso-castingThe time of revenge has come! While we are still recovering from episode 9 of season 3 of Gotham, for which we dévoilions you the synopsis and promotional video , the US network FOX began promoting the next chapter, entitled “Time Bomb” . As we see, the dangers will be many! Particularly for Penguin we see being threatened with a weapon by Barbara, who is especially looking for Tabitha who disappeared. But it is in the hands of Nygma and vengeance could be terrible! Then it’s Marco that we see being threatened before the Gotham hospital. Finally, Bruce meets someone who could tell him much about the Court of Owls, while Talon could make new havoc. Approaching the Fall Finale, the stories may intersect explosively!

In addition to this promo video synopsis reaches us. This informs us that “On the eve of their rehearsal dinner, the threat to Mario and Lee proved, so Falcone request with Jim. Meanwhile, Nygma seeking revenge and Bruce learns more about the Court of Owls! ” This is an episode that should be full of revelations regarding one of the strong intrigues of the season. Let us know exactly who ordered the murders of Bruce’s parents? Our hero did not finish to discover more about their origins because the mother Selina happen very soon in the season 3 of Gotham! What do you expect after Gotham?