Gotham season 3: Episode 15, Mystery Man explodes in the promotional video of Spring Premiere!

Cinema 1 February, 2017

In a few months, Gotham will make his return with episode 15 of season 3, which is unveiled with a first video promo, in which the Mystery Man goes out on the city!
Explosion of a mythical DC Comics! Last night, the US network FOX aired the episode 14 of season 3 of Gotham, for which we dévoilions the trailer, the synopsis and promotional photos . This chapter loaded with twists and turns and Jerome was mostly Winter Finale, and now we will have to wait many months before we can discover the next chapter. Indeed, this is April 24, Gotham will return with episode 15 , entitled “How the Riddler Got His Name” . As its title suggests, the next screenwriting arc should be much interested in the Riddler (the Mystery Man or Sphinx in French) and more particularly at the origin of its emergence, its appearance and its style as a villain . In order to teaser what the suite will propose, a first promotional video reaches us!
First of all, we can see Nygma stating that he always had the feeling of having someone inside him and that it is now time for him to become fully that someone. We can see that he will start his reign on Gotham and create chaos, which should well occupied Gordon and Bullock. Also, we find that it becomes fully Man Mystery since it presents itself with a style much closer to that we know it in comics. Finally, we will discuss family for James, who will look to the past of his father, while the owls court will make its return as Bruce Wayne twice . Lately, we dévoilions Harley Quinn would soon present in Season 3 of Gotham! What do you expect from Gotham’s return?