Gotham season 3: Episodes 13 and 14, SPOILER is back in the synopsis!

Cinema 12 January, 2017

In a few days, season 3 of Gotham will finally resume … But in the meantime, discover the synopsis of episodes 13 and 14! On the program, a return not so surprising that.
We will not hide it, the best part of last season Gotham? Jerome (aka Cameron Monaghan ) of course! Besides, we are not the only ones to have fallen under the charm of this psychopath with a communicative laugh since since his death, everyone is waiting for his return. Well good news, our patience will finally be rewarded. Monday, January 23, episode 13 of season 3 of Gotham will air on FOX and Jerome re-point the tip of his nose … In “Smile Like You Mean It” , a Dwight seek to resurrect. For her part, Selina’s mother will finally reveal her true intentions and we are ready to bet that they are far from good. As for our favorite duo, Nygma and Penguin, they will still be in full scrambles to the delight of Miss Baraba Kean …
But did this attempt at resurrection work? If we believe the synopsis of episode 14, it seems that yes … Judge rather. In “The Gentle Art of Making Enemies” , Jerome will have a target in mind and this could well jeopardize Bruce and Alfred . But this episode will also be the occasion to meet the uncle of Jim Gordon and to witness a new face to face Nygma / Pinguin. This new duel might indeed end up very – very – bad … Should we worry about the coolest villains of Gotham ? Reply on 30 January next in a new episode. And by then, discover all the latest on Gotham, there is heavy ! So, happy to find Jerome?