Gotham Season 3: Harley Quinn, Joker … the arrival of new details on upcoming episodes

Cinema 7 December, 2016

While the first part of the season 3 of Gotham just ended, discover more about Harley Quinn, Joker’s arrival and other details on the next episodes!

It promises heavy! While Jerome is back Tease in a first video promo for the rest of the season 3 of Gotham , unveiled by FOX , Cameron Monaghan who embodies was no exception. Indeed, he gave us on social networks, multiple photos closeups showing the return of his character. Thus, we discover a Jerome disfigured, with skin that seems to have been cut, so that red circles appear around his eyes. On another photo, we even have the impression that his face is covered by a second pale skin. A last photo shows the scars of a fake smile on the edge of the character’s lips. Suffice to say that the Joker has never seemed so close to appear. But before we get there, the series will explain how Jerome may be back living and above all offer ourselves to see what he has endured since his murder.
Early theories suggest that Fish Mooney would not innocent in comeback beloved Jerome. But a second possibility seems more plausible. In the comics, a villain called The Taxidermist takes away the face of the Joker before the rest to him later on his open wound. A version of this character exists in Gotham, so maybe that similar events will take place. We also think that we will see the arrival of Professor Pyg, a villain who constantly puts doll heads on its Dollatrons called robotic minions. Maybe this character will debut by one of Jerome Dollatrons. While waiting to know the truth, theories should continue to multiply.
Another very close to the Joker could also be arriving soon: Harley Quinn. Insistent rumors have emerged recently wanting Barbara Kean, former girlfriend of Jim Gordon and former member of Maniax, could be the female version of the Joker. Erin Richards, who plays the character, stated that: .. “There were discussions I think something major should happen to Barbara for it to become completely Harley Quinn Because Harley Quinn is a little … it did not, for me, the motivation Babs. Harley Quinn seems to love destruction for destruction, and that’s wonderful, but I have a feeling that Barbara has more of a plan. it is a little more intellectual in its approach to social mobility in the underworld. I think if it were to turn into Harley Quinn, it would have to produce something that makes him lose this kind of intriguing side for it to become I suppose haywire. that is, for me, that is Harley Quinn. this madness and nightmare that comes with The Joker, because, obviously, they are a team ” . A description not so far removed from Barbara’s character in season 2 . Find out when will be released episode 12 of season 3 of Gotham! What do you think of these developments?