Gotham season 3: Harley Quinn very soon in the series? (SPOILERS)

Cinema 18 January, 2017

The mythical character could appear very soon in Gotham! Will Harley Quinn be in season 3? We have the answer.
Oh, here’s good news for Batman fans! Monday night, season 3 of Gotham finally resumed service with the broadcast of episode 12 . The opportunity for us to find one of the most emblematic characters of the universe of the series, Jerome Valeska. Speaking of emblematic character, there is one expected from the beginning of the series, I named Harley Quinn. Well it seems that our patience will be rewarded. Yes, the bride completely crossed the Joker could finally appear in Gotham and this in a very short time. We’ll explain …
It was John Stevens, the executive producer of Gotham , who spilled the beans! Asked about a possible appearance of Harley Quinn in the series, he said: “It could happen in episode 22!” . Better yet, Miss Quinn would serve as a launch to the plot of Season 4 . Frankly, we could not have dreamed better as a rebound for the Season Finale. But then, who will she be? Reply in a few weeks … Meanwhile, we will continue to ask her if Jerome is the Joker that we all know (Go Gotham , be nice!). And do not miss episode 13 of season 3 of Gotham next Monday night on FOX .