Gotham season 4: The first pictures of Crystal Reed (Teen Wolf) in the series!

Cinema 20 August, 2017

After Teen Wolf, it’s in a whole new adventure that Crystal Reed dips! New actress to the casting of season 4 of Gotham, she will be an important personage of the new storyline … Discover its first steps in the skin of Sofia Falcone!

Missing Allison! With the end of Teen Wolf approaching, many characters who were not present for a while will make their big comeback to the delight of the fans. In fact, find everything you know about the last episode of season 6 of Teen Wolf ! Unfortunately and despite the many magic tricks of Jeff Davis, it is unlikely that a last, even minimal, appearance of Allison is possible. But that the fans of the show are reassured, it will be possible to discover his interpreter in a new role in the autumn! From Allison Silver to Sofia Falcone, from Beacon Hills to Gotham … Crystal Reed is back on the screen! After leaving Teen WolfAt the end of season 3 with the death of Scott’s ex-girlfriend in a heartbreaking scene, Crystal Reed will be an important character in the upcoming Gotham season … Quickly find the first glimpse of the actress in her All new role!

Crystal Reed arrives in season 4 of Gotham!
The announcement of the arrival of Crystal Reed in Gotham was unveiled a few weeks ago, notably during the Comic Con of San Diego, and this news had delighted the fans who waited impatiently to find the star on the screen . In the skin of Sofia Falcone, Don Falcone’s daughter, her character will be back in town to help Jim Gordon in order to bring down the famous Penguin. Calculator and head of Operation Falcone in the south, she will be of great help to Jim but not only! It could even be the new love interest of the latter for this season … An “interesting and convincing” relationship according to the showrunner of Gotham! In any case, we are eager to discover Crystal Reed in this new role, certainly much darker and mature, as the actress was looking for. Rendezvous on September 21st to find Gotham’s season 4 on FOX ! If Allison will not return to Teen Wolf, when will Stiles really be ?