Gotham-season 5 : the series book a first glimpse of its Bane, and it makes us regret that of Tom Hardy

Cinema 23 October, 2018






Mid-way between a Terminator, a Cyborg from the Justice League and Mad Max : Fury Road is the Bane of the series Gotham.

It is true that there is a little poking fun at a (small) bit of the first official visuals of the Batwoman. Which was severely wrong photoshopé and did not before the heroine. But then, it could be that a new target appeared in front of our eyes : Bane, camped in the series Gotham by Shane West. And clearly, you’ll see, this is not really the rendering that we had hoped for.


Version Christopher Nolan


For its fifth and final season, the show runners have decided to engage a new opponent charismatic of the Dark Knight : Bane. Announced by the website Deadline, it is the actor of Nikita, Shane West, who has been recruited to play the role of Eduardo Dorrance. An “old friend of Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), with whom he served in the army”.

Eduardo Dorrance turn to Gotham with an army of soldiers to elites in order to”help his former friend to enforce law and order in the city of crime.” Or not, ultimately.

According to the first rumors, Shane West had to play the role of the father of Bane. Finally, it will embody itself this famous colossus of muscles doped to chemical agents. It is enough to see the first official photo unveiled by Entertainment Weekly. For its part, the screenwriter and producer of the series, Tze Chun has also shared a first look on his Twitter account.


First look at our #Bane ????????????#gotham #gothamtvwriters #shanewest

— TZE CHUN (@anygivenchunday) October 22, 2018

With his eyes red, his mask is transparent to the Immortan Joe and his appearance cyberpunk, this Bane version 2019 looks more like a cosplay badly exploited. Oddly, the Bane of Christopher Nolan in The Dark Knight Rises camped by Tom Hardy was not so bad next to it.

Elsewhere, showrunner John Stephenson has described the character as “really, really loud and very pissed off. We have fully created taking into account his background as a special agent of the government”. To see that this will give the screen. The season 5 of Gotham should be disseminated current 2019.


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