Gray’s Anatomy, Arrow, The Vampire Diaries: Spoilers of the Week

Cinema 28 January, 2017

What a week ! Our favorite series are back for our greatest happiness. Between Gray’s Anatomy, Arrow, The Vampire Diaries and others, check out all the spoilers of the week!
Almost all our favorite series are back and so much to say that this weekend, we can give ourselves a marathon series worthy of the name! It’s cold, it’s winter so what better than to stay warm under his duvet to catch up our mini-delay on the series that were broadcast this week? In addition they were numerous since our justices of the CW and the TGIT are back, without counting the others! So what happened to these TV shows? Discover immediately the spoilers of the week. Gray’s Anatomy made a shattering comeback! Episode 10 of Season 13 was filled with emotion. He focused on Jo, Arizona and Bailey who went to a high-tech prison to help a teenage girl give birth. Moreover, in the final seconds of the episode, Bailey revealed that Alex had decided to plead guilty and that he would go 2 years in prison … What a shock! This week was also marked by the return of season 6 of Scandal. The Season Premiere has plunged us into the heart of the presidential elections and surprise is Francisco Vargas was elected new President of the United States. But watch out, scarcely elected, Vargas is dead and all suspicions are headed for Cyrus. Olivia Pope is sure of her guilt and intends to make him fall. Will Mellie become the President of the United States? Business to follow! On the side of episode 10 of season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder , tension and emotion were well represented. Wes is dead and Laurel confessed that he was the father of her baby. How sad. In addition, a new guilty one, Sam Keating’s sister, arose, but Annalise was still in prison. In addition, at the end of the episode, Frank confessed to the murder of Wes. Did he do that to redeem himself? We think so!
Let’s move on to the universe of superheroes! Barry was very disturbed in episode 10 of season 3 of The Flash . But fortunately, he confessed to Iris about his tragic destiny. The two lovers made the wise decision to ask the team for help and after a trip in the future, they all concluded that it was necessary to change many events to try to prevent the death of Iris. Will they succeed? In episode 10 of season 5 of Arrow, Black Siren landed and disrupted the Team , however, it brought a touch of freshness to the series. In addition, revising Katie Cassidy’s face warmed our hearts. In addition, we were able to witness a new alchemy between the couple Olicity and we sincerely hope that their story is not over. Turning to episode 9 of season 2 Supergirl , where the identity of Mon-El was unveiled. He is the Prince of Daxam and he risks being arrested in the next episodes. Will he reveal the truth to Kara? Let’s hope so ! In addition, Kara and Mon-El went to another planet to try to find a teenager kidnapped by an alien and this new place brought a touch of novelty to the series!
Let’s move on to a completely different universe, that of vampires. In episode 10 of season 8 of The Vampire Diaries , we found ourselves in a fantasy world created by Damon where Vicky, Sheriff Forbes or Tyler were still alive. Moreover, Caroline was more determined than ever to find the old Stefan, while Bonnie finally read the letter of Damon. The episode was rather successful and the plot captivated us! After the vampires, place to the werewolves. In episode 9 of season 6 of Teen Wolf, Stiles seemed to be back . Lydia, Scott and Malia did everything to remember the smallest details about their BFF and Lydia’s memorabilia scene was simply overwhelming. She realized when she fell in love with him. Moreover, Theo sacrificed himself to save Liam … The emotion was really at the rendezvous. Let’s finish our people recap with a whole new series, which will surely be talked about. The Season Premiere of Riverdale was very promising and we introduced new strong characters. Moreover, the secrets, the murders and the betrayals took place and to say that we are eager to discover the second episode … On our side, we give you appointments next week for new spoilers! Which episode did you prefer this week?