Gray’s Anatomy: Ellen Pompeo (Meredith) reveals the worst episode of the series

Cinema 21 April, 2017

Being an actor is not always easy! Ellen Pompeo, the interpreter of Meredith Gray, revealed what was the worst episode she had ever shot for Gray’s Anatomy.
Last week, following Episode 20 of Gray’s Anatomy Season 13, we wondered if Meredith simply should not stop flying . After the terrible crash that had cost the life of Lexie and then Mark, the surgeon recently found herself operating a man’s brain in the midst of a terrible storm. However, Meredith has experienced many other traumatic experiences. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly , the young woman’s performer, Ellen Pompeo, returned to the worst episode of the series. For the actress, this is episode 17 of season 2 of Gray’s Anatomy titled “As We Know It” . If this episode were intense and moving, It was as trying for Ellen Pompeo as for Meredith. Remember, the young woman had to plunge her hand into a man’s torso to meticulously remove a bomb! Meredith had handed it over to the deminer who had exploded a few minutes later … This explosion had also affected Meredith.
Ellen Pompeo remembered this brutal episode of Gray’s Anatomy . The actress revealed that initially she was not to perform the cascade when Meredith is propelled into the hospital corridor because of the explosion. “It was very late in the night when we filmed it, I had worked something like 5 pm I was exhausted so I was glad I did not have to do waterfall, they had this incredible stunt girl Do it for me. “They tied it to a cable so they could pull it out when Kyle exploded ,” she said. The problem is that the stuntman was not really well prepared to realize it and unfortunately injured her head during the first catch. So, Ellen Pompeo ended up having to make this famous waterfall . The actress was obviously not really happy when the director of the episode, Peter Horton, announced the news. “We had a real fight because he insisted that I do the waterfall, I said, ‘A professional stuntman had a concussion, I worked 18 hours, I can hardly see. Want me to do it? ‘” , She explained. ‘A professional stuntman had a concussion. I worked 18 hours. I can barely see. Now, do you want me to do it? ‘” , She explained . ‘A professional stuntman had a concussion. I worked 18 hours. I can barely see. Now, do you want me to do it? ‘” , She explained .
However, Ellen Pompeo ended up doing this stunt in Gray’s Anatomy . “He was categorical, I was inflexible, we were shouting at him, and I even said, ‘Why do you make me do this?’ ‘You will use this catch with his head bouncing off the ground, was unbelievable. It was like a slow movement. Anyway, I ended up doing it although I did not want it. And of course, they used the first shot , “she revealed. ” If you watch the episode, you’ll see that the stuntman hits her head. We left it. That was very effective. But we used part of Ellen’s hold, which is the part she never remembers. However, Would never have endangered. We pulled it much slower than its lining. ” Said Peter Horton. That’s a really tough episode for Ellen Pompeo! ” I always knew that the moment [the bomb] would involve Ellen. I do not know if anyone else was jealous. I do not think anyone has thought, ‘Oh, great, I want to have my hand thrust into a body cavity and stay there with all these horrors ,’ added Shonda Rhimes, the creator of the show.