Gray’s Anatomy: Gray-Sloan Memorial Hospital surgeons favorite group 1!

Cinema 19 June, 2017

The 2017 World Cup is launched and attention, Gray’s Anatomy seems to be the biggest favorite in Group 1. Immediately find out what makes her a formidable opponent!
The 2017 World Cup is launched! As last year, 32 shows will confront each other in furious battles but beware, there is a little novelty. Melty has created a special hen for the summer series. If you are going to discover the eight classic bands, we can already tell you about the first favorite. This year, Gray’s Anatomy, Shonda Rhimes’ medical show, is competing against Arrow, Prison Break and Orange is the New Black . Obviously, his opponents must tremble with fear because it is undoubtedly part of the most loved and watched series of the moment. For thirteen seasons now, surgeons at the Gray-Sloan Memorial Hospital are making us cry, laugh, smile and even tremble. They still manage as much, To charm us. After all these years, we still need more! So yes, Gray’s Anatomy, of which here are 10 secrets that you do not know about the series, is very competitive and has all his chances against his rivals!
Already, Gray’s Anatomy has 13 seasons to its credit , it is not nothing and this is a proof of the love that its fans. Certainly, it does not celebrate its 30 years as do the Feux de l’Amour , but we approach it … Moreover, with each new season, the series manages to renew itself. The dramas are always present, but one manages to be shocked and moved at each episode. Gray’s Anatomy has strong characters that we have seen evolve and to whom one carries a real affection. Moreover, Shonda Rhimes does not hesitate to kill its key characters, which is a sign of modernity and courage. Do not forget that love is an important part of the show. It is even omnipresent. Moreover, Melty’s editor suggested you discover the couples you would like to see in season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy . The series manages to make us feel all sorts of emotions and just for that, it is an opponent more than dreadful. But be careful, nothing is played in advance since it is you who vote for your favorite series! Do not forget, you can vote once a dayHERE or on Facebook and Twitter . If you dream to see Gray’s Anatomy qualify for the 1/8 finals, you know what you have to do! Have a comment for Gray’s Anatomy?