Gray’s Anatomy: Jo and DeLuca, Meredith and Riggs, Japril, the worst and best of 2016

Cinema 25 December, 2016

We’ve seen all the colors in Gray’s Anatomy! Back on the best and the worst of the series in the year 2016!
Season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy is full of surprises! So that Arizona could wind up in jail , Alex may be entitled to its spin-off. In 2016, the doctors at Gray-Sloan Memorial Hospital lived through it! Bailey and Ben have had big marital problems, Amelia finally got engaged and married in the wake with Owen before disappearing while Jackson and April had a baby. We’re not bored ! For over 12 years, Grey’s Anatomy thrilled us with its colorful characters. If the majority of storylines suggested by the series of Shonda Rhimes captivates us, other plots are unfortunately less interesting . Yes, even ABC’s medical show is going down. The editorial of melty and returns with you on the best and worst of Grey’s Anatomy in the year 2016. Here we go!
The Reconciliation of Jo and Deluca
Just start by saying that the public hates Jo and Deluca together . Since the two doctors got closer, they are not at all unanimous. We recently asked if Jo was aware that DeLuca has a crush on her in the season 13 Grey’s Anatomy . It would seem that no! One thing is certain, internally never should escort Alex’s girlfriend at home in the season finale of season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy . This is the worst idea he had and one of the worst storylines of the series that ensued.
A new love interest for Arizona
Finally ! Yes, finally Arizona has a new love interest and we valid! Eliza Minnick, incarnated by the sublime Marika Dominczyk, irritates us a bit because she attacks our poor Richard Webber. But what we like about her is that she cracked for the sparkling Arizona and that it seems reciprocal. If Callie had had several love interest, it was flat calm for his ex-wife. We can not wait to see this new relationship in Arizona that looks delicious to watch. The first interactions between the two women are already at the top!
The wedding of Owelia
Too rapid Owelia marriage was perhaps not the best idea . If the very spontaneous marriage of Japril after the beautiful declaration of Jackson to April was appropriate and convinced the fans, the union of Owen and Amelia disappointed. Also, if the storyline does Amelia wanting more baby had potential in the season 13 Grey’s Anatomy , it’s déjà vu puisqu’Owen has experienced the same thing with Cristina. We hope that Shonda Rhimes will give a little boost to all this!
Meredith and Riggs … and Maggie
The pleasant surprise of the Season Finale of season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy that continued in the season 13 is the love triangle between Nathan and Maggie Meredith. If the heroine of the series has already been in a similar story, this relationship between the three characters nevertheless manages to be refreshing. We love the alchemy between Nathan and Meredith, upset by Maggie. We like to see them flirt, seduce, take a step back. .. We hope this storyline quickly return to the heart of the season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy .
The departure of Callie
Sara Ramirez, who plays Callie, has decided to leave Grey’s Anatomy after 10 years of loyal service. Unfortunately, the farewell to this flagship character in the series was totally balled after a legal battle where Calzona were torn apart. We expected much more for a character of this magnitude ! The series was content to make him say goodbye to Arizona and close the door … There were departures much more moving.
Japril makes peace
We do not know you, but we in the editorial, we were more than fed up to see the couple Japril fighting endlessly. Fortunately, the tensions are over. The arrival of their daughter pushed Jackson and April to make peace, and since the birth of Harriett, they seem increasingly accomplices . If we would like to see them come back together, we are already delighted that they are friends again and that they are talking and listening. We hope they will get back together but too much rushing would have ruined everything. Hopefully we can find them again! So the meltynauts, what do you think is the best and the worst storyline of Gray’s Anatomy in 2016?