Gray’s Anatomy, Master of None, The Flash: Our Top Series of May 2017!

Cinema 1 June, 2017

You want to know what series you should not miss during the last month? Discover without delay our Top Series of May 2017!
The month of May is always loaded in terms of series, with all the final seasons going on and some summer series starting. Not to mention the Netflix series that land every month and come to shake everything up. This month of May was another emotional month, between tension episodes, the tragic deaths, the couples who make and break and of course the fact of having to say goodbye to certain shows the time of the Summer – or even forever . As at the end of each month, the editor of melty offers you to discover the 10 series that have marked the last 31 days . And since we can not see everything and we all have different opinions, we invite you to share your Top Series of May in the comments.
9 – Scandal
It was known before the release of the double episode of season finale, the season 7 of Scandal will be the last , making the end of season 6 even more important since it sets up as pawns for the latest chapter Series. If we found the first part of the final season a little slow and a bit too quiet, everything was played in episode 16 and all the cards are now redistributed in order to offer us a totally different last season. Olivia Pope has embraced a little more her side “dark” , no longer hesitating to eliminate people who get in the way of his goal. Despite some mistakes, we were pleasantly surprised by this end of season.
8 – The Flash
The Flash concluded its third season last week with a rather touching yet predictable episode. After a season that had some problems with the plot, The Flash is doing pretty well with this final season which already puts in place the bases of season 4. If, not surprisingly, Iris is not dead As had been predicted, his character played an important role in this end and it is no worse. Despite some predictable intrigues and springs, The Flash fulfills his contract and offers us a end of the season full of action, twists and turns and where we even had to take out the handkerchiefs!
7 – Jane The Virgin
The CW series is one of those underestimated series – to go hand in hand with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – especially because of the channel on which it is broadcast. And yet, it’s still a beautiful season that Jane The Virgin offers us with an end to the top. The series always mixes humor and emotion, and it was once again a real emotional roller coaster that follows the adventures of Jane and all the other characters in the series. Despite its very low audiences, the series was renewed by the CW for a season 4 and we are already looking forward to discovering all this because Jane is missing us already!
6 – Supergirl
The second seasons are often a bad time to play for the playoffs, but we can say that Supergirl is doing pretty well, especially with its final season as exciting as it is moving. Admittedly, the season has seen ups and downs, especially in the middle of the season, but it has caught up well on the end, putting her heroine back at the center of the action. With the final season, the different female characters were highlighted and the return of Cat Grant was only the icing on the cake . What a pity that his character does not come back for season 3 … The series has been bold on the end and we really hope that season 3 will be to this image.
5 – Gray’s Anatomy
We all agree more or less to say, this thirteenth season of Gray’s Anatomy is far from perfect and some intrigues have really left something to be desired. However, we can not deny that the last two episodes of season 13 have largely raised the level giving us really want to discover the season 14 . Not only was the final season disaster, which was enormously teased by the production, offered us cold sweats – or hot rather – with this fire, but it allowed to give a very beautiful end to Stephanie Edwards. Indeed, Jerrika Hinton leaves the series and it is a true heroine that his character bids us farewell.
4 – Agents of SHIELD
Agents of SHIELD closed its fourth season as brilliantly as it did, with Ghost Rider returning to close the loop. The characters have yet to face new challenges – some of which will change them forever – but whatever happens is that they can always count on each other and that’s what they Helped defeat AIDA. If one adds to the well-structured intrigues, the dialogues that make flies and the development of characters always well conducted, the political subtext of Agents of Hydra, one really faces one of the best seasons of 2016-2017 .
3 – Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt / Master of None
We plead guilty! We were not able to decide between the two Netflix comedies, both of which were released this month on the SVOD platform. Both are hilarious, but they are very different but we love them as much. It is always a pleasure to recapture the sarcastic and ultra-referenced humor of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and his colorful characters. Season 3 plays the card of feminism, while still offering wacky and offbeat plots. As for Master of None , we must say that magic always operates with this second season which is just as good and funny as the first. These two comedies are very original, each in their own way, and if you have not yet watched them, go for it!
2 – The Handmaid’s Tale
Last month we discovered Hulu’s brilliant but glittering The Handmaid’s Tale and since then we have to admit that our fascination with this series has not diminished. We know that it will make us suffer, yet every week we are eager to discover the new episode before which we will be hypnotized. His subject is always as strong and multiplying the points of view and the flashbacks on the different characters allow to enlarge the history and to understand a little better all the protagonists. The Handmaid’s Tale is undoubtedly one of the best new releases of 2017 and we are looking forward to seeing how the season will end.
1 – Sense8
After many months of waiting, Sense8 offered us a second season at the height that gives us already looking forward to seeing the continuation . Closer than ever, the sensates continue their struggle against the terrifying Whispers and the BPO organization by discovering more and more information about their past and their powers. The universe of the series has expanded to our delight and there are still many touching and intense scenes that we have been able to discover . We regret a bit the rapidity with which the plot resolves in the final season but what we regret above all is to have to wait for months before we can find Nomi, Capheus, Lito and the others. We cross the fingers and toes so that the series is renewed and, in the meantime, know that you can find our verdict on season 2 of Sense8 , on melty! What is your Top Series of May 2017?