Gray’s Anatomy Season 12: A new romance for Meredith next week on TF1?

Check out what’s in store for you in the next two episodes of Gray’s Anatomy season 12, aired next week on TF1!
Season 12 of Gray’s Anatomy continues its broadcast on TF1 , with two new episodes that we loved. And if, like us, you want more, the editor of metly proposes to you to discover what awaits you in the episodes that will be broadcast next Wednesday. In episode 15, entitled “A Step Toward You” , now that Jackson finally knows the truth about April’s pregnancy, the war will be declared! Since he learned it from Arizona’s mouth, it will create new disputes between Jackson and April and Arizona will want a lot in Arizona . It will not be the only tensions between the characters of the episode, Since a medical disagreement will rekindle the rivalry between Owen and Nathan and this could have serious consequences for the Owelia couple. Meanwhile, Maggie will strongly encourage Meredith to come out with Thorpe, the doctor met in episode 13 when they were in the military hospital. However, Meredith may not be ready to embark on a new relationship.
In episode 16, entitled “Ready?” , Meredith will be at the center of attention after spending the evening with Will Thorpe … Indeed, Amelia and Maggie will be worried when their sister starts screaming and chasing Will from the house. And things will not work out when Meredith starts a big housework at home . The heroine of Gray’s Anatomy does not really seem ready to revive in a new relationship, Derek’s shadow still floating on his life. In any case, the episode promises us already beautiful scenes of friendship, especially between Meredith and Alex. On the other hand, the situation between Owen and Amelia will always be tense after the events of episode 15 and one wonders if the couple will be able to reconcile and finally move on. Owen, Who will seek to be forgiven will constantly question Stephanie in order to discover where Amelia hides. While waiting to discover all this, you can read our review of episode 14 of season 12 of Gray’s Anatomy , on melty. What do you think ?

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