Gray’s Anatomy season 12: Amelia will be forced to work with Penny next week on TF1

Check out what’s in store for you in the next two episodes of Gray’s Anatomy season 12, aired next week on TF1!
It is difficult to recover from his emotions after the last two episodes of season 12 of Gray’s Anatomy broadcast tonight on TF1 . Between the tribulations of the couple Japril, April’s pregnancy, Meredith’s emotional return of a patient and the new start taken by Owen and Amelia, we did not have time to bore ourselves in front of the Shonda Rhimes series . And if you’re already in need, melty’s editor offers you to discover what awaits you in the two episodes that will be broadcast next Wednesday. In episode 13, “In the center of attention,” all eyes will be on Callie as she will develop a risky procedure to save a soldier with a tumor. She will be assisted by Bailey, Jackson and Meredith and they have to go to a military hospital. Callie, though sure of herself in general, will begin to doubt the success of the operation. Will she find a solution and save the soldier?
In episode 14, entitled “Losing His Benchmarks ” , Richard decided to change things a little in the curriculum of the residents by forcing them to change their holders. So, Penny will end up with Amelia and Nathan Riggs, Stephanie with Alex, Ben with Arizona while Jo will have to work with Meredith. These changes will obviously create tensions between the characters, including Meredith and Jo, or between Amelia and Penny. Indeed, Amelia will not be happy at all to end up with Penny, whom she still holds responsible for the death of her brother, Derek . It will then be particularly hard with Penny before recognizing that she is very talented. Will Amelia finally set her sorrow and rancor aside? Waiting for next week anyway, know that you can read our review of episode 12 of season 12 of Gray’s Anatomy , on melty. What do you think ?

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