Gray’s Anatomy season 12: Meredith will be violently assaulted next week on TF1

Cinema 2 February, 2017

Discover what awaits you in the next two episodes of season 12 of Gray’s Anatomy, broadcast next week on TF1!
After several months of waiting, TF1 has finally resumed the distribution of the 12 season of Grey’s Anatomy . So we were able to find with pleasure all our favorite surgeons with two exciting new episodes. Next week, TF1 will broadcast two new episodes and it is time to discover what awaits you. In episode 9, entitled “A deafening silence” , our heroine, Meredith, will be violently assaulted by a patient and that the opportunity for the series to deliver us yet one of its most powerful episodes . In serious condition, the surgeon will be deprived of her hearing and speech for a long time, giving rise to shocking scenes. Plan the handkerchiefs because this episode promises to be particularly emotional. Obviously, this means that the plot will be centered on his character and we will not necessarily have the answers to some of the questions raised in the last episodes.
In episode 10, entitled “The next step” , Meredith will recover somehow from its aggression, while Maggie and Callie will embark on a risky operation on a teenager. This is a patient of Alex and it will not agree with the procedure and Callie Maggie want to apply … This promises many disputes. Meanwhile, Owen and Nathan will always be cold and it will not be easy to have them in the same room. Finally, the relationship between Maggie and Andrew will be better and it should be a pleasure to see. Until next week, know that you can already read our review of episode 8 of season 12 Grey’s Anatomy , which has been broadcast on TF1. What do you think ?