Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: An episode centered on Jackson and April next week on TF1

Cinema 25 May, 2017

Check out what’s in store for next season’s episodes of Gray’s Anatomy, which will air next week on TF1!
While you are recovering from your emotions after the two new episodes of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy that have just been broadcast on TF1 , the editor of melty offers to discover what awaits you next week. In episode 15, “Cause Lost” , April will have to hand over the position of Chief of General Surgery to Meredith who will be back at the hospital. She will not be the only one to make her return, since Amelia also will make an appearance, at the request of Maggie . However, Amelia will do everything possible not to be seen by Owen, but in a hospital like the Gray Sloan Memorial, it’s hard to avoid her demons long … For her return, Meredith will find herself caught between her best friend and her boyfriend potential while Alex and Nathan will not agree to take care of an infant. In addition, someone will surprise Eliza and Arizona while they are kissing …
Episode 16, entitled ” Sensitive Rope” , will focus only on Jackson and April, while the two ex will go to Montana to perform a throat transplant to a patient. However, the transplant will be far from being the main interest of this episode, as it will also be a great moment in Jackson’s personal life. If this short stay could be the time for April and Jackson to reconnect, Jackson will reconnect with another person, his father . Indeed, we will finally meet the famous Avery who made the name famous and the reunion already promise to be hectic between the two men. While waiting to discover all this, We suggest you read our review of episode 14 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy , on melty. What do you think ?