Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Did SPOILER survive the fire?

Cinema 19 May, 2017

A character was particularly at risk from the fire that raged within the Gray Sloan Memorial. Did this protagonist survive the final season? Warning, spoilers!
This is an exciting episode that Gray’s Anatomy has offered us to complete his thirteenth season. While we are barely recovering from our emotions in the face of all that has happened, it is time to return to the one who was the true heroine of this final season: Stephanie Edwards . At the end of episode 23 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy , Edwards was trapped by the rapist, accompanied by little Erin. In order to save the life of this little girl, she decides to set fire to the criminal, without anticipating the fact that the bottle of oxygen nearby will create an explosion. When “Ring of Fire” begins, we are first reassured to see that Stephanie and Erin survived the explosion, Nevertheless they will live a hell of hell before they can finally be out of business. But Stephanie Edwards is a fighter and she is ready to do anything to save this little girl – even to cross the flames.
After many hardships and a lot of panic, the firefighters finally found the two characters, thanks to Warren’s help and we are happy to know that the departure of Jerrika Hinton from the series is not sealed by his death . No, it is on a positive note that Stephanie Edwards will leave the Gray Sloan Memorial. After being an extraordinary heroine to save little Erin, she decided not to spend all her time in a hospital, but to discover the world. And if the departure of his character saddens us a lot, we find that it is a suitable end for her. No death is to be deplored in episode 24 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy to the scenario catastrophe, and it is perhaps a first for the series. What do you think ?