Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Episode 13, Jackson, Arizona and the others rebel in a new clip!

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War is declared ! Tonight that will air episode 13 of season 13 Grey’s Anatomy in the US and clear screens, it smells a rat in the corridors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. After the suspension of Meredith, Bailey decided to replace it with April and the news does not please everyone, but then not at all! The other holders continue to support this good old Richard and they prepare the revolt against Bailey and Minnick. The interns, meanwhile, are seriously starting to get tired … In short, you will have understood, it will be necessary to choose his camp in “It Only Gets Much Worse” . Discover without further delay a new extract of the episode of tonight …
As you can see, our dear Owen tries to calm the spirits and as a good little soldier, he respects the instructions of Bailey. But difficult to remain neutral in this situation! Jackson, Maggie, Arizona and Nathan are determined to get rid of Dr. Minnick . Impossible not to support Richard, the revolt is on the march! As for Kepner, well without surprise it is completely excluded and its first day in place of Meredith happens rather badly. Even his dear Jackson does not support her … Argh, it promises! As you can see, there will be no more tension between the doctors at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital in episode 13 of Gray’s Anatomy season 13 !

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