Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Episode 20, Meredith and Nathan at Risk in the Promo Video?

Cinema 8 April, 2017

Check out Gray’s Anatomy’s episode 20 season 13 episode video, which will air on April 13 on US-based ABC.
In episode 19 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy we believed a rapprochement between Nathan and Meredith, but our heroine chose his sister rather than going out with her potential future boyfriend. It has always been in Meredith’s habit of getting her friends past before the rest, before it was Cristina and now it’s Maggie. However, next week Meredith will have to face Riggs as they will both meet, sitting next to each other in a plane . How will this happen between the two characters? If you believe the video promo of “In the Air Tonight” , which you can view below,
If the images are not clear as to a possible rapprochement between Sea and Riggs, the plane will encounter turbulence and this will create panic among the passengers. Nobody will ever forget that Meredith has already suffered a plane crash causing the death of his sister, one of his best friends and who has transformed the lives of passengers forever and it is imagined that all this will bring forth goods bad memories. Will this event allow the two characters to learn a little better about themselves beyond their physical attraction? In any case, we hope to find the very touching side of Nathan that we saw in the last episodes. “In the Air Tonight” seems to center on this duo and it is not yet known if the other characters will be present. While waiting to learn more, we invite you to discover our WTF Theory of the Week about Maggie and Jackson in season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy . What do you think ?