Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Episode 21, when will it air?

Cinema 21 April, 2017

Meredith and our other favorite doctors are on vacation! But then when will Episode 21 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy air?
Many series are currently on break and Gray’s Anatomy is one of them . Last night, no episode of the medical series was broadcast on ABC. Only Olivia Pope was at the rendezvous for a new episode of Scandal . Last week, Meredith got very close to Riggs. The surgeon seems finally to face her fears and may well be ready to live a new love story. In episode 21 of Season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy, Maggie will learn the truth about Meredith and Riggs . How will she react by realizing that her sister and her crush are more than friends and lied to her? We can not wait to see the reaction of the cardiologist! Will we have to wait a long time?
It will be difficult to be patient! However, do not worry about meltynauts because the wait will not be long. Episode 21 of Gray’s Anatomy Season 13 will air next week, Thursday , April 27 , on ABC. In this new episode entitled “Do not Stop Me Now,” Maggie confronts Meredith and Riggs while Bailey and April try to save the marriage of Catherine and Richard. There’s going to be sport! As for Alex, he will find one of his former patients as things progress between Eliza and Arizona. To help you wait until next Thursday, also find out which is the worst episode of Gray’s Anatomy according to Ellen Pompeo, the interpreter of Meredith Gray.