Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Episode 22, Meredith Ready to Move Forward? Our criticism

Cinema 5 May, 2017

Last night the American channel ABC broadcast episode 22 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy. Then discover our review of “Leave It Inside”.
The tumors are at the heart of episode 22 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy which aired last night in the United States, both physically and metaphorically speaking. “Leave It Inside” begins with Meredith who wants to get rid of the tumor Derek had drawn her. A way for her to say little by little goodbye to the love of her life in order to make room for her new relationship with Nathan. As Gray’s Anatomy loves to do, Gray Sloan Memorial patients will help the characters realize some things in their lives and push them forward. For Meredith and Maggie, it is a young woman with an inoperable tumor that will lead them to free themselves from their metaphorical “tumors” . Holly knows she’s going to die and she decided not to waste time waiting for death, but to enjoy every moment. However, Maggie insists on operating Holly, and realizes during the surgery that she can only temporarily relieve Holly’s symptoms by removing the part of the tumor that compresses her heart but can not remove everything.
Holly is a real inspiration and it is even she who ends up raising the morale of her surgeons. Maggie and Meredith must also learn to live with their “tumors” . Like Holly, Maggie must accept the budding relationship between her sister and Nathan, while Meredith has to allow herself to be happy with another man . Another patient, another tumor . Alex needs to take care of a little boy with a brain tumor that could kill him if he is not quickly operated on. But his parents are people who do not believe in medicine and who think that it is God who decides whether or not to heal. Nice . When the little boy returns the next day declaring that he hardly sees, Alex decides to take matters into his own hands and operate without the consent of his parents on the pretext that he was convulsing. Edwards covers it and both of them – with the help of Amelia – make sure that this child will be healed. As with the other patient, Alex and Stephanie’s choices will have rather serious repercussions for the latter.
In an excess of anger, Stephanie attacks the little boy’s father – and if we agree with her, it is clear she can not afford to react – in the eyes of Dr. Minnick. Eliza then decides to suspend Stephanie deeming she needs a therapy because she has not been followed since her boyfriend died in hospital. Is that how we’re going to say goodbye to Stephanie Edwards? As for Alex, he makes a strange phone call and we wonder if he is not trying to find Jo ‘s husband … On the heart, if DeLuca is officially broken heart by Jo – ah, she is still Living Jo? – Eliza and Arizona make their relationship even more concrete by indulging in “naked activities” . Finally, Meredith and Nathan go back to the hospital. Meredith seems finally ready to put the “tumor” aside after all. In the meantime, we invite you to discover the synopsis and the promo pictures of episode 24 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy, which will be the final season . What did you think of this episode?