Gray’s Anatomy season 13: Episode 23, Amelia console Owen in a new video promo!

Cinema 9 May, 2017

The last episode of this season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy will be broadcast Thursday night on ABC. Discover more details in a new video of “True Colors”
More than a few days before the episode 23 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy ! A new chapter of the show ABC which looks totally crazy. Owen is going to be at the heart of this end of season 13 and a new devastation awaits him … As you can see in this new promotional video of “True Colors” , Owen will be completely annihilated by this rebound. Fortunately, he can count on Amelia to support him. This event – which has a relationship with his sister Megan, if our calculations are good – will it be the occasion for the couple Owelia to finally find ?
But Owen will not be the only doctor of the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital to suffer in this new episode of the series of Shonda Rhimes … We know that our heroes will have to face a very dangerous patient and it is poor Stephanie Which should pay the price. Will it survive? Her interpreter, Jerrika Hinton, will leave the series at the end of this serial year. Anyway, these new images of episode 23 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy suggest the worst … For the rest, it’s Thursday night on the American screens! How will this thirteenth season end? Bets are open (but already plan handkerchiefs)!