Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Episode 23, Meredith and Nathan formalize their relationship in a first clip!

Cinema 10 May, 2017

Episode 23 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy will air tomorrow night on US screens. Discover a very first excerpt of “True Colors”.
More than two episodes before the end of this season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy ! And to conclude in beauty, Shonda Rhimes and cie have prepared very very – very heavy. Tomorrow night on ABC, a very dangerous patient will put the safety of all – and especially Stephanie – in danger . But the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital will not have the monopoly of strong and tearful events. In “True Colors” , Owen will learn a devastating news that will finally bring him closer to Amelia and Alex will go to a medical conference that could change everything … While waiting tomorrow night, dive into the corridors of the hospital ‘A first sneak peek!
As you can see, Meredith and Nathan are slowly but surely starting their relationship and can finally enjoy it! Although determined to make a place for Riggs in her life, our heroine offers to spend the evening with her children. Oh, it smells like a serious relationship! But with the events that are going to upset the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital in episode 23 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy it is doubtful that the two doctors have time to coo … What will happen in the ” Before last episode of the season? Answer Thursday night on ABC !