Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Episode 24 Tonight, everyone in danger in the Season Finale!

Cinema 18 May, 2017

Stop it all! Tonight, you have an appointment with the Season Finale of the season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy … And it looks bad!
No one will be safe! Shonda Rhimes warned us, the Season Finale of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy will upset us . Tonight, ABC will broadcast the final chapter – at least for this year – of its medical show. This will surely be the occasion for the channel to present the new characters of the spy-off of Gray’s Anatomy (on firemen) that will arrive at the beginning of the school year. Yes, because in Ring Of Fire , the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital will be alerted following a devastating explosion and several doctors could leave their skin there … Prepare, it could be very hot!
Last week, in episode 23 of Gray’s Anatomy Season 13, Stephanie was taken hostage by a patient and trying to put her out of harm’s way, our heroine only made things worse ! As a result, in this final episode, we are afraid that she will not get out alive. Even worse, trying to save her, Jackson, Ben and even Meredith could put themselves in danger . Who will not be present next year, in season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy ? Verdict this night on ABC ! And get ready tomorrow morning for a special day.