Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Is Meredith too absent this season?

Cinema 7 February, 2017

Eleven episodes of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy were broadcast and it seems that Meredith does not have a big place in the plot this year. Is it too absent?
Thursday night, the thirteenth season of Grey’s Anatomy continues on ABC and tensions within the Grey Sloan Memorial will continue to intensify. It must be said that the arrival of Eliza Minnick has to warm the spirits. As some politician would say, “change is now” and this adage could clearly be taken up by the pretty brunette. But if there’s one person we do not know too much about in this situation, it’s Meredith. At the beginning of the season, the heroine of the series was the heart of the intrigue with the love triangle in which Nathan and Maggie are also involved . Unfortunately, and you recently spoke: the plot of this triangle quickly disappeared during the first half of the season 13 Grey’s Anatomy . Since then, the pretty Meredith has had very few scenes in the show, except those with Alex.
Despite this presence – she supports her friend – Mrs Gray did not have a lot of screen time. So, one can understand the desire of the writers want to offer different things (including 12 after the season was that of reconstruction for Meredith), unfortunately, our heroine we lack a bit . If winter premiere was a special episode around Arizona, Bailey and Jo, episode 11 followed the final winter and gave us many answers. Meredith spent his episode looking for Alex. The scenes were too short and it’s not like we could not replace Sea by someone else.
It will be necessary that the continuation of the season is more interested in the heroine of the series. After all, Shonda Rhimes had clearly announced that this season 13 was going to put in the heart of its intrigues the original characters of the show and Meredith is one of them. And when Richard (which is just unbearable, let’s face it) takes more airtime that Miss Grey, you can ask questions . Maybe things will change Thursday night? Indeed, the promotional video of episode 12 of season 13 Grey’s Anatomy clearly highlights Meredith, who rebels as ever. What do you think ?