Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Jackson and April, what sequels for Japril?

Cinema 17 March, 2017

Jackson and April were at the heart of episode 16 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy! What can we expect from the sequel for the couple Japril?
Last night, episode 16 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy finally took us away from the confusion of the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital ! And it did us the greatest good, did not you? Finally a plot that interests us: the relationship Jackson / April . So yes, their little game of “I love you, me either” begins to be a little redundant but it is very difficult to detach from the couple. In “Who Is He (And What Is He To You)?” , Jackson continued to be unbearable but April stood firm and was there to support him when he met his father … Hat! A short excursion away from Seattle, a tense tension, a high – risk operation, Jackson ‘s blue eyes … he’ It took no more so that the two lovebirds fall in the arms of each other! So yes, we suspected but it still makes good. And after ? Coup d’un soir or a real renewal of their couple?
So, will April and Jackson get back together? Well why not ask Sarah Drew, aka April Kepner? Asked about the future of the couple, the actress explained : “I think that many scenarios would be credible in the future, they will necessarily ask, ‘what are we doing?’ “Maybe it will solidify their friendship or put their marriage back together, both are possible … Because they have a child together and live under the same roof, it complicates (…) For the rest, you are going to have to wait, I can not tell you anything, except that the episode ends on a note of hope. Whether this is so,
Whatever happens between them, it’s official, Japril is well back on the front of the stage in this season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy . The couple highlight of the series is likely to reconcile (cross the fingers!). Even if we know that Shonda Rhimes is not going to make it easier for them, we can not wait to see them get along again … Sometimes we get the impression that they are the only ones who are not Running they will obviously end up together , do not you? Rendezvous next week for a new episode of Gray’s Anatomy . Fans of the couple Japril in the room?