Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Maggie and Jackson, 3 reasons why Jaggie is a bad idea

Cinema 5 June, 2017

Jackson and Maggie seem to have feelings for each other. But why is Jaggie’s romance a bad idea for Gray’s Anatomy?
Recently, we were wondering if we really should say goodbye to the couple Japril. In season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy , Jackson and April seemed to be getting closer and fans were hoping for a couple meeting. However, the plastic surgeon finally seems to have pulled a line on his ex-wife. Indeed, April thinks Jackson has feelings for Meredith’s sister, Maggie, and that it would be reciprocal. It would seem that the young woman is right about her ex-husband and the cardiologist. However, Jaggie’s growing relationship is far from unanimous among fans of Gray’s Anatomy . The latter did not hesitate to show their displeasure about this love story via social networks. But why is the Jaggie couple a bad idea to exploit in season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy ? The editor of melty tells you everything!
A relationship coming from nowhere
In episode 16 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy , the couple was reconciled on the pillow but two episodes later, Jackson seemed to have totally forgotten his ex-wife and preferred consoling Maggie. For her part, the young woman was still in love with Riggs and wished Meredith for her story with the cardiologist. However, she quickly forgot her colleague. The Jaggie relationship came very suddenly into the ABC medical series. Many fans believed that Jackson’s closeness to Maggie was only friendship or a fraternal relationship . Finally, the relationship Jaggie seems to have developed off screen and is far from convincing in the eyes of fans of the show.
Jackson and April had just reconciled
The biggest problem of the couple Jaggie is that it hinders the couple Japril , very appreciated of the fans and that we follow for several seasons now in Gray’s Anatomy . When the two doctors slept together in Montana, it was clear they still had feelings for each other. April still lives with Jackson while they were raising their baby together. Incorporating Maggie into this duo only complicates matters. Moreover, the reconciliation of Japril and their relationship seems simply to have been abandoned to leave room for a storyline that does not work. That’s pretty bad!
The relationship too?
The relationship between Minnick and Arizona, that of Owelia and especially that of Jolex, came to the background during the season 13. Is it really worth adding a new romance when the other relationships are not already developed enough? In season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy, there were too many stories so they were abandoned or forgotten and we stayed on our hunger. In season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy, Megan will be back and this will have an impact on several characters, Bailey will have to face the consequences of hiring Minnick while Jolex could finally return to the center of the plot thanks to the return of the husband From Jo. The Jaggie relationship is likely to be botched and could be one of the weak points of the new episodes.