Gray’s Anatomy season 13: Meredith will push Nathan’s advances next week on TF1

Cinema 5 April, 2017

Check out what’s in store for next season’s episodes of Gray’s Anatomy, which will air next week on TF1!
That’s it, Gray’s Anatomy season 13 was launched on TF1 , and the future of Alex Karev is dangerously compromised since he beat Andrew DeLuca. Now that he told the whole truth to the police, Alex must wait for the sentence. In addition, Bailey no longer wants him to work as a surgeon until the whole thing is filed and he is stuck at the dispensary. In episode 3 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy , entitled “Petits miracles” , we will find the clinic Denis Duquette and it will not be for the pleasure of Alex who will be deeply bored. Besides, Arizona will be back and she will not know too well in which camp to be between Alex and Andrew, The latter being his roommate and the other a very close friend . Meanwhile, a family will land in the ER after a car accident while they are all going to bury their father. This accident will give rise to unexpected family reunion and especially a miracle.
For her part, April will be pleased to finally be reunited with her daughter but she will really look forward to returning to work. As for Meredith, she will do all she can to repel Nathan. Ever since they slept together, the latter is eager to start something with our heroine, but the feelings that Maggie feels for Nathan prevent Meredith from accepting. In episode 4, entitled “Confidences” , Meredith and Nathan will still be at the center of the plot and will try to understand what is going on between them. As for Alex, he will always be so unhappy at the clinic and this will not happen particularly well with his superior. While Jackson and April will try to make their new life with little Harriet, Amelia will ask questions about her marriage to Owen . Both have just passed the ring on the finger, is there already water in the gas? While waiting to learn more, we suggest you read our review of episode 2 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy , on melty. What do you think ?