Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Season Final, all doctors will be in danger!

Cinema 3 April, 2017

The end of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy is approaching … It could be fatal for several doctors!
Old habits have a hard life in Gray’s Anatomy ! Last year, Shonda Rhimes finally offered us a lighter, less bloody Season Finale than usual and we wrongly thought that she had decided not to torture us so much. But this lull was of course of short duration. While we have just experienced one of the most moving chapters of this season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy with episode 18 , it’s already time to think about the Season Finale. The actors being in full shooting of this ultimate episode , some information begins to fall on what is already announced like a big event (for the series and for our nerves).
When asked about this Season Finale, Kelly McCreary (Maggie) said, “This episode is going to make a lot of noise, it’s a big event that will shock everyone. “It was a very funny thing, and you should be afraid for everyone, it is an event that will affect all the doctors in the hospital. is in danger !” . Well it promises! So, what are your forecasts? While waiting to learn more about this Season Finale, do not miss episode 19 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy , Thursday night on ABC!