Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Season Finale, Shonda Rhimes had spoiled him in 2009!

Cinema 14 May, 2017

If the accident happened in episode 23 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy and which will continue in the Season Finale surprised us, it had nevertheless been announced by Shonda Rhimes!
The Gray’s Anatomy Season Final Season 13 looks as intense as it is surprising! Shonda Rhimes, the showrunner, has planned many twists but also a huge cliffhanger that could leave us speechless. Should we expect a dramatic finale? A tragedy has already occurred in episode 23 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy. Stephanie sacrificed herself to save a little girl. The resident was taken hostage by a very dangerous patient. To save her life and that of little Erin, she set fire to the criminal. Unfortunately, the flaming body was too close to the oxygen tanks. If Stephanie tried to stop the explosion, she could not. Did the resident die? Are other people going to die in the Season Final of Gray’s Anatomy season 13 ? What if Shonda Rhimes had already revealed everything more than 8 years ago?
Shonda Rhimes had somehow spoiled the explosion that took place Thursday night in season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy . The showrunner had been thinking about it for years! In March 2009, she said through her Twitter account : “And if at the end of this Gray’s Anatomy season, the hospital exploded and was in flames and we did not know who lives or dies .” Finally, Shonda Rhimes had retained another option for season 5 but had kept this explosion in mind. While we were wondering if we would expect new deaths in Gray’s Anatomy season 13 , this tweet suggests that Stephanie will not be the only person hurt or between life and death. If for two years the Season Finale of Gray’s Anatomy were less dramatic than the previous ones, that of season 13 should recapture the tragedy. We’ll meet you on Thursday night to find out what Shonda Rhimes has to offer. And what do you expect from the Season Finale of Gray’s Anatomy season 13?