Gray’s Anatomy season 13: Will Arizona get closer to Eliza Minnick next week on TF1?

Cinema 18 May, 2017

Check out what’s in store for next season’s episodes of Gray’s Anatomy, which will air next week on TF1!
The tension has gone up a notch in the last two episodes of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy that have just been broadcast on TF1 , and it is not about to calm down thereafter. Indeed, conflicts between surgeons will continue and it is time to discover what awaits you in the two episodes of Gray’s Anatomy that will be broadcast next Wednesday . In episode 13, entitled “Declaration of War” , April begins his first day as chief of general surgery and it will not be to the taste of everyone . The other holders would have preferred that she oppose Bailey and refuse the position of Meredith by solidarity. On the other hand, Minnick will continue to apply his method of teaching, and two residents will then have to carry out each operation. Who will be the lucky winners of this privilege? One thing is for sure, it will be once again an opportunity for their professors to grumble and express their dissatisfaction.
In episode 14, “The Ghosts of the Past” , Alex will finally return to the hospital and he will discover the new rules. Residents will again have to deal with a delicate operation, a kidney transplant from the mother to her son. It will be Warren, Edwards and Wilson who will have to deal with it, but a turnaround will complicate the situation. Indeed, the father of the boy, and violent ex-husband of the mother, will land in the hospital and this will bring to the surface of very bad memories to Jo who will lose without self-control. April, who replaces Bailey for the day, will then have to make a very difficult decision. For her part, Bailey has gone away to talk to Meredith. Otherwise, Arizona will get even closer to Eliza Minnick but will want to keep it secret so as not to put all his colleagues to back . While waiting to discover all this, we suggest you read our review of episode 12 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy , on melty. What do you think ?