Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Will Justin Chambers (Alex) leave the series?

Cinema 11 January, 2017

For 13 seasons now, many key characters have left the show. Will Alex’s interpreter Justin Chambers be the next to take that path? Everything is possible !

In Gray’s Anatomy, everything is possible! The main characters of the series do not have an eternal place in the show. Each season, we have to say goodbye to the cult people who have marked the show and to say that we can not even count them on the fingers of hands. We obviously think of Derek, Cristina, Izzie, Sloan, Lexie and this is just the beginning. In the Season Final of season 12 of Gray’s Anatomy, Callie is gone. This new season is centered on Alex and from the Midseason Premiere, best friend Meredith should go to jail. Will this new intrigue allow Justin Chambers, the interpreter of Alex to leave the series too? In any case, the synopsis of episode 11 of season 13 does not bode well and Alex could leave the city … This is not very reassuring!
That’s what we fear with Grey’s Anatomy . No character is essential to the show. If the writers have killed or eliminated many surgeons, we say that Alex could be next . However, if this is the case, Meredith would find herself alone and the last surgeon of her promo. Can Justin Chambers leave the series? It is very possible. It has been thirteen years since the actor has played the part of Alex Karev and he would surely, at one time or another, wander to other occupations and try his luck elsewhere. Moreover, the future of his character is very uncertain . If Alex goes to prison, this would be a good way for the actor to leave the series. In any case, it is not at all what we want. For the time being, his departure was neither reversed nor confirmed, but doubt hangs. Pending more information, see the promotional video of Winter Premiere Season 13 Grey’s Anatomy . Do you think Justin Chambers will be leaving the show?