Gray’s Anatomy Season 14: Can Teddy Be Back?

Cinema 20 June, 2017

Teddy Altman was very close to Owen but also to Megan Hunt. Could she come back in season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy?
We told you that it was not good enough for Cristina’s return in the season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy . Since the departure of her interpreter, Sandra Oh, in season 10 of the medical series, fans dream that the talented cardiologist will return to Seattle. Unfortunately, it is not ready to arrive. But while Megan Hunt, Owen’s little sister, was found alive 10 years after her disappearance, it is said that everything is possible. If Cristina remains in Switzerland for the moment, another woman very dear to Owen could come to support her in season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy . The doctor was very close to his colleague Teddy! The young woman left to lead the service, A military hospital at the end of season 8 of the show and it was she who confirmed to Owen that Megan was alive and well in season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy . Could she come back to Seattle to lend a hand to the Hunt family?
If at first Teddy was seen as a rival of Cristina, she knew then to be appreciated fans of Gray’s Anatomy . Thus, his return would probably be very pleasing to the aficionados of the medical show. However, just like Sandra Oh, actress Kim Raver will soon be back on television but not in the hit series of ABC. Indeed, the interpreter of Teddy Altman has just joined the season 5 of Ray Donovan as recurring . Her role will be similar to that she played in Gray’s Anatomy as Kim Raver will play a talented surgeon, Dr. Bergstein. If we will obviously delighted to find her on television, we regret however that she does not snuggle Teddy’s blouse. But maybe this role in Ray Donovan will remind her of good memories and she will soon make an appearance in the medical series. Before you learn more, find out why Owen will be an obstacle to the Merthan couple in season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy. And you, would you have liked to see Teddy again in season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy?