Gray’s Anatomy season 14: Eliza Minnick on departure, Will Callie return?

Cinema 31 May, 2017

Some time after the end of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy, one wonders if the much appreciated Calliope Torres could not return in the series.
The questions about the intrigues of the suite continue and while we were wondering recently if a main character was going to die in season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy , today it’s a return that we will talk to you. Eliza Minnick seems to have taken a step towards the exit since Miranda Bailey sent her back in the last episode of Season 13. If the doctor leaves Well the series in the first episodes of season 14, that would leave us again a heartbroken Arizona when she had finally found her foot after her divorce from Callie .
The actress who left the series some time ago did not give any indication evocative of a possible return, but that does not prevent us from speculating. Indeed the creator of the show Shonda Rhimes has repeatedly expressed her love for the couple of Callie and Arizona and one can not help wondering if they were separated only to be better put together. The presence of Sofia is the perfect pretext because the little girl creates a link between his two mothers and even if Callie left Seattle to follow Penny in New York, his presence is always felt in the series, especially via his daughter . After a period more than stormy that ended in their divorce, it still has a little trouble to imagine Callie and Arizona getting back together, But we do not doubt that the writers would be able to bring back the flame to them like home … In short, one can always dream while waiting for the season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy on which the first details are already available. And you, do you think Callie could come back?