Gray’s Anatomy season 14: Japril, Merthan … The couples we would like to see in the sequel!

Cinema 12 June, 2017

In season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy, many couples exploded. But then what duos would like to see in season 14 of the show? Discover it immediately!
Gray’s Anatomy’s Season 13 was not about love. Almost all couples have exploded or turned into a love triangle. We obviously think of the duo Japril or Merthan and Minnik and Arizona. The writers love to complicate things, we begin to understand it from the time. If in the first episodes, we had many hopes for some couples like April and Jackson, this end of season 13 left us a bit bitter taste. But with Shonda Rhimes, we are not immune to a new rebound especially concerning love! Will our fetish couples get back together in season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy, Of which the following are the first details? What duos would we like to find at the beginning of the school year? Between Japril, Merthan and the others, here are our darlings!
1. April and Jackson:
For us, the duo formed by April and Jackson is the best couple in the series. We are charmed by the two surgeons and despite their chaotic relationship, they remain for us true sisters-in-law. They never put a real end to their story and it shows that they are always in love with each other. Even though Maggie is going to sow the zizanie in season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy , it is hoped that they will recover together afterwards!
2. Meredith and Nathan:
This duo was born towards the end of season 12 of Gray’s Anatomy . The proverb “Follow me I’m running away from you, run away, I follow you” with Meredith and Nathan. If at first we could not imagine them together, the last episodes of season 13 comforted us with this idea and we discovered a couple that could work . Unfortunately, it was not counting on the growing imagination of the screenwriters who decided to bring Megan, her ex-fiancée presumed dead, back into her life. Who will choose the surgeon between his past love and the new woman who charms him? We are for the Merthan team ! Meredith deserves a little happiness in her life.
3. Amelia and Owen:
With them, there is nothing to understand. Married in the Season Finals of season 12 of Gray’s Anatomy , they spent all season 13 in cold weather. One wonders what future Shonda Rhimes will reserve for them. However, they got closer when Owen discovered that his sister was alive and well and that seduced us. They form a beautiful couple and we hope their relationship will not stop in season 14. Owen will need all the support possible and especially that of his wife!
4. Alex and Maggie:
Let’s finish with a duo unlikely but could work. Suffice to say that we dread the couple Jaggie, formed by Maggie and Jackson, in this season 14 of Gray’ts Anatomy! So find a new guy at Maggie and the only one available in the singles market is Alex. He is unlikely to get back with Jo and in the end it could work with them. They already have a common point in common that is Meredith. Between the best friend of Mer and his sister, could something happen? Only the future will tell … And you, which couple do you want to see in season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy?