Gray’s Anatomy Season 14: The first details on the sequel!

Cinema 19 May, 2017

The season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy has just ended on ABC! What will happen in season 14? Check out the first details of the new episodes.
In the Season Final of Gray’s Anatomy season 13, Stephanie Edwards showed heroism . If she was an excellent doctor, the young woman realized that she had spent her life in hospitals. Stephanie now wants to see the world and take time for it. The Jo BFF will not be present in season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy . But what are the new episodes reserved for our other doctors? For now, Shonda Rhimes and the cast have remained silent about the upcoming season. However, the Season Final of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy gave us some clues as to what awaits us from the start. Looking at Jackson and Maggie together, April was heartbroken. She immediately realized that her ex-husband had feelings for Meredith’s sister. The Jaggie couple should therefore be at the heart of Gray’s Anatomy season 14 plot . This is a possible new love triangle for Maggie because it is clear that although April advised the cardiologist to confess what she feels to Jackson, Harriet’s mom is still in love with the plastic surgeon.
Another great news, Megan, Owen’s sister incarnated by Bridget Regan of Jane The Virgin , is alive and back. This will involve a change in Owelia’s marriage as this return has brought them closer but it could move another couple, Merthan away . Nathan obviously rushed to his wife’s bedside when Meredith told him that Megan was alive. Beside her, Amelia could also find another sister, a confidante like Addison. The neurosurgeon could then move away from Maggie and Meredith. As for Arizona, she finds herself single again by losing her love interest, Minnick. Finally, Paul Stadler, Jo’s husband played by Matthew Morrison, Was introduced in episode 23 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy and should return during season 14 of the show. That still promises a few dramas for Jo, Alex and maybe even DeLuca. While waiting to learn more in the coming weeks and at the start of the school year, find out all the details about Gray’s Anatomy’s new spin-off . And you, what do you expect from Gray’s Anatomy season 14?