Gray’s Anatomy season 14: Will Megan integrate the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital?

Cinema 3 July, 2017

A few months before Gray’s Anatomy season 14 was broadcast, we wondered if Megan’s return would upset the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital teams.

While Gray’s Anatomy is bravely fighting against Pretty Little Liars in our 2017 World Cup for which you can vote every day HERE and on Facebook, back on the plots of season 14. The end of season 13 has seen The return of an unexpected character in the life of Owen Hunt: his sister Megan, whom he thought had died years ago in a helicopter crash. But the writers of Gray’s Anatomy obviously have more than one trick in their bag and so it was thanks to her friend Teddy Altman that Owen learned that Megan was still alive and had in fact been taken hostage. Megan Hunt, also a doctor alongside her boyfriend Nathan and her brother Owen, could she join Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital now that she was found?

Obviously it is not impossible, but we tend to think that for the moment and after spending 10 years as a wife, the young woman may need a lot of time to recover, both physically Than psychologically. Besides, his isolation will undoubtedly make his return to civilization even more difficult and it could take years before he can regain a normal life. In short, his arrival alongside Meredith, Alex and the others is not impossible but it is hoped that for reasons of credibility, it will not happen soon. While waiting to find out, you are told more about a reunion between Jo and Alex in season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy.