Gray’s Anatomy season 14: Will SPOILER’s return put the Owen and Amelia couple in danger?

Cinema 23 June, 2017

Months before the broadcast of Gray’s Anatomy season 14, we wonder if the return of a key character could break the marriage of Owen and Amelia.
While we were learning about Teddy’s recent return in Gray’s Anatomy Season 14 , we now wonder what might be the consequences of such a return in the future. Indeed the fans know that Teddy and Owen share a complicated past that has already posed many problems to Owen and Cristina. Owen and Teddy were never very close to each other during their missions to the army, despite their strong feelings for each other . As a reminder in Gray’s Anatomy season 8 , Owen returns Teddy after learning that she wanted to refuse a job to be there for him, forcing her to accept the position.
We know that Teddy was briefly married to Henry and that Owen chose Cristina rather than Teddy, but could it still be that the two surgeons still have feelings for each other? Not impossible … We know nothing about Teddy’s life during her absence and we can not rule out the possibility that, as Owen, she is now married. But we have already seen that the relationship between Owen and Amelia is rather stormy and full of uncertainty . The return of Teddy could therefore remind Owen of the many affinities that exist between them, not to mention their strong complicity. As for Teddy and even if she is with someone, it is assumed that to see Owen again could prove difficult in view of what she experienced for him. Short, In any case, these reunions look as happy as they are strained and we can not wait to see Dr. Altman back in Seattle. Until then, discover the new info on the spin-off of Gray’s Anatomy on melty. What do you think ?