Gray’s Anatomy: Stephanie, Eliza, Nathan, Jackson … Who were the best and worst characters of season 13?

Cinema 1 June, 2017

While waiting for season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy, little return on the characters who scored season 13 and on their ranking from best to worst.
We’re still wondering about Gray’s Anatomy season 14 – we wondered if Callie could be back – but this time it’s a few answers. To wait until the return of the series, we decided to make a small return on the key characters of the season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy and their actions . Since you can not quote everyone, do not hesitate to share in the comments that was, according to you, the best or the worst personage of the past season.
Stephanie Edwards – Best Character
In the category of the best characters this season, difficult not to place Stephanie Edwards on the podium. Ok, she is not always very humble or very convenient, but in addition to being brilliant, Stephanie behaved like a true heroine in the final season . By saving little Erin at the peril of her life, she deserved the first place – and one thing is sure, she will miss us very much.
Nathan Riggs – Best Character
Then Nathan Riggs comes to complete the list. A little too much in-the-way when he arrived in the show, Nathan showed more and more endearing, especially via his vulnerability to Meredith . Understanding and charming, he managed the situation very well with Maggie and he seduced us as much as the Doctors of the Gray Sloan Memorial.
Jackson Avery – Best Character
With the exception of his mature behavior towards Eliza Minnick – like that of all his colleagues – Jackson has shown a lot of courage in this season . Whether during the episode focused on April and him in which he finally met his father, or during the final season, Jackson did not shy away from his fears. Sometimes even at the risk of putting himself in danger, especially when he wanted to save Stephanie from the fire.
Meredith Gray – Between the Two
Meredith Gray was not the most mature in the whole affair with Minnick and despite her position within the hospital, she did not really use her influence to make things easier. One understands his loyalty to Webber but it was difficult to accept his insubordination towards Miranda Bailey . Later, however, and especially when she learned that Megan was alive, Meredith had an exemplary behavior with Nathan, not to mention her coolness to operate a passenger on the plane. In short, enough to widely reconcile us with his character.
Richard Webber – Worst Character
No, that does not mean we do not like Richard Webber. But his immaturity during the majority of the season has sometimes been difficult to bear, especially when one knows that he can show great wisdom. While he’s used to passing his students and the hospital first, Richard persisted in thinking that Minnick wanted to voluntarily rob him of his work without questioning him or giving him a chance . In addition, some of his remarks about Bailey – who did a lot for him – were very hard and we would have liked to see him put his ego aside to listen to the one who is now his superior and to give him the support that She has not hesitated to bring him all these years.
Eliza Minnick – Worst Character
Difficult to find some redeeming traits to Eliza Minnick who ended up being sent back at the end of season 13. His character is obviously not fundamentally bad, and most of his actions were just part of his work. But his mistake in the final season and his refusal to recognize him as such did not really earn him points . Eliza has been shown with a friendly eye on several occasions, especially with Arizona, and there is nothing left to wait until after to see if it will really be the end of Eliza and Arizona in season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy . And what do you think were the best and worst characters of season 13?